FCOM convergence is a mod for oblivion. It completely overhauls the game adding new monsters, new quests, new features and a better sense of advancement when leveling your character. It does this by merging four different mods. Using Oscuros' Oblivion Overhaul as a base it then adds into the mix Martigens Monster Mod, Francesco's Leveled Creature's-Items and Oblivion Warcry. The mod also provides direct support for Bob's Armory, Loth's Blunt Weapons, Exnem Runeskulls, Cobl, Tamrielic Ingredients, Knights of the Nine, Tamriel Travelers, and many other popular mods.


  • Wiki just started

There are a few thing you must realize.

One this is not a one stop shop for all your FCOM need there will be tons of links to other more verbose sites. At least until this really gets going.

Two This is a wiki mainly but generally I don't care about sources.

Three If you need more help than we can provide please make a post on The FCOM thread. Don't make a completely new thread that just clutters up the Bethesda Forums.

Four I put a Bragging page in here but its more of a share the place you got epic loot page. If it get Flame warish or spam warish I will delete it.

Five keep the newbie page to things that can be done by people under around level 6-7.

Six there is no six moving on.

Seven I don't really care about cursing just try to keep it PG-13. So No Nudity or links to Nude Mods. There may however be link to armor conversion for said nude mods