OK so making a a bashed patch can seem complex at first but its rather easy once you get used to it.

Note this assumes that you already have Wrye Bash installed.

1. First after you have installed bash you will have a folder called Mopy in the main oblivion directory.
2. Inside will be a couple other folders the one you are looking for will be extras.
3. Inside will be a couple files but the main one is known as bashed patch*
4. Copy that to your data folder and open wrye bash. now it should be somewhere near the end of your load order if not.
4a. sort it by name to do this move your mouse up and click on file.
5. Now find and right click on the bash patch then click on rebuild patch.
6. the thing you want to click on for a bare bones FCOM load order are.
6a. Leveled Lists leave this as automatic.
6b. and that's it
7. click ok.

*Just kidding, there actually isn't a file even relatively close to this, and this guide is probably heavily out of date. I'm also relatively illiterate.

See rather simple.